Is An Emissions Inspection Required When Paying Sales Tax On A Used Car In Missouri?

Do I need emissions test Missouri?

The State of Missouri requires vehicle emissions tests and smog checks for non-exempt vehicles in metropolitan areas deemed to be in “non-attainment” status in meeting the Federal Clean Air Act’s air quality standards.

What vehicles are exempt from inspection in Missouri?

Effective August 28, 2019, motor vehicles for the first ten years following the model year of manufacture and having less than 150,000 miles on the odometer are exempt from the safety inspection requirement.

Can you sell a car in Missouri without an inspection?

Most vehicles sold in Missouri are required to be inspected prior to the sale. Sellers are required to give the buyer a copy of the inspection ticket. There are very few exceptions, but the notable one is if the car is sold to a dealer either as a trade-in or dealer-to-dealer sale.

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What cars need safety inspection in Missouri?

Who Needs to Get a Safety Inspection in Missouri?

  • Vehicles under five years old from their model year.
  • Vehicles registered for more than 26,000 pounds for less than one year.
  • Trailers.
  • Low speed vehicles.
  • Vehicles sold for junk and scrap.
  • Vehicles sold between dealers.
  • Vehicles with historic plates.

What year vehicles are exempt from emissions in Missouri?

The Missouri measure also exempts all vehicles 26-years old and older from emissions inspections. The 26-year rolling emissions test exemption will replace current law which only exempts vehicles manufactured prior to the 1971 model year.

Is Missouri doing away with emissions testing?

Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties. JEFFERSON CITY — Residents in counties surrounding St. Louis would no longer have to get their vehicles tested for pollution under legislation pending in the Missouri Legislature.

Do I need an inspection to renew my tags in Missouri?

To renew your license plates, you will need: A Missouri safety inspection and/or emissions inspection certificate not more than 60 days old, if applicable; The correct registration (license plate) and processing fee.

What year cars need inspection in Missouri?

According to the Department of Revenue, starting Wednesday, you don’t need a vehicle inspection until your car is 10-years old or has more than 150,000 miles. Currently, vehicles are exempt from biennial safety inspection requirements for the five years following the model year. Senate Bill 89 modifies the state law.

What is required to pass a vehicle inspection in Missouri?

The inspector will take a close look at the interior of your car, including the steering wheel, brake pedal, brake warning light, how well the windshield wipers work, mirrors, seat belts, high beam indicator, horn and glass glazing.

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Is it better to gift a car or sell for $1?

While some car owners consider selling the car for a dollar instead of gifting it, the DMV gift car process is the recommended, not to mention more legitimate, way to go. They might not like the car or might be offended by a hand-me-down gift. Be sure that they afford insurance and maintenance costs.

Is it illegal to sell a car on Sunday in Missouri?

Many states have repealed bans on selling retail on Sunday, but Missouri still prohibits dealers from selling cars, trucks and motorcycles on that day. Missouri law already allows recreational vehicles, mobile homes, tires and repair parts for motor vehicles to be sold on Sundays.

What needs to be filled out when selling a car?

An original copy of a sales contract, or proof of purchase, which could be a letter, bill of sale, receipt, or tax invoice, showing the seller’s details, the buyer’s details, the date of the sale, the selling price or market value of the car, whichever is higher, and the car’s registration and VIN numbers.

Will a check engine light fail inspection in Missouri?

The emissions test in Missouri consists of a test of a vehicle’s OBDII emissions system. If a certain number of monitors have run, and if the “Check Engine Light” is not illuminated, the vehicle will pass the Missouri emissions inspection.

How much does a Missouri vehicle inspection cost?

Q: What fees are associated with obtaining a motor vehicle safety inspection? A: Inspection stations may charge no more than $12.00 for the safety inspection of passenger vehicles and trucks, and no more than $10.00 for the safety inspection of motorcycles, motor tricycles, and autocycles.

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What do vehicle inspectors look for?

What will be tested? For a light vehicle, the test will include inspection of the braking system, steering and steering wheel, visibility, lighting equipment, axles, wheels, tyres, suspension, chassis and chassis attachments and other equipment, such as safety belts.

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