See below for prior meeting's - Notes and Materials

Meeting Date: 9/12/2015 Preparer Penalties - Garrett Gregory        |       Roth Conversions - Melissa C. Simmons

Meeting Date: 10/3/2015 Unique Retirement Problems - Jan Mohamed

Meeting Date: 11/7/2015 Tax Benefits - Tim Mezlumov

Meeting Date 12/5/2015 Estate Planning - Matt Sullivan, JD         |        Series LLC - Bert Starr

Meeting Date 1/9/2016 Dealing with the Troublesome IRS Agent; A How-To Guide - Kyle Coleman, JD

Meeting Date 2/6/2016 PATH ACT Update and ITIN Presentation - YOUR BOD's & Dagoberto Gonzalez, IRS        |     Avoiding Audits - Steve Banner, EA

Meeting Date 5/7/2016 Art and Taxes - Alex Burgos - PDF Handout                 |               Charitable Remainder Trusts - Tim Mezlumov

Meeting Date 6/4/2016 OIC Overview - David Ronquillo, EA

Meeting Date 8/6/2016 Pastor Tax Returns - Kathleen Mannering, EA

Meeting Date 9/10/2016 Top Cases (and Rulings) of 2015 - Sandra King, EA     How Can an EA Help Clients in Tax Court - Sean Monohan, EA, USTCP / Tim Adams, EA

Meeting Date 10/1/2016 Ethics: Ensure Compliance to Avoid Sanctions - Ignacio Alex Burgos, EA

Meeting Date 11/5/2016 The Basic Understanding of the Domestic Production Activities - Anita Jean, EA | AJAC Presentation and Fact Sheet - Adam Coen, EA

Meeting Date 12/10/2016 Protecting your Clients and Yourself - Evelyn Lee, IRS Stakeholder | ID Theft Prevention - Dean Saul, EA

Meeting Date 1/7/2017 Retirement Plans for Small Businesses - Tim Mezlumov, EA, CFP

Meeting Date 2/4/2017 Ethics 2017 - What do you do?... - Ignacio (Alex) Burgos, EA

Meeting Date 3/4/2017 The Current Status of Circular 230 - Clint L Taylor, Atty

Meeting Date 5/6/2017 IRS User Fees - S. Dean Saul, EA | Taxation of Pass Through Entities - Donald R Barg, CPA, MPA, CIRA

Meeting Date 6/10/2017 Diligence Demons - Ignacio (Alex) Burgos, EA

Meeting Date 7/8/2017  Cost Segregation - Eddie Price, CCSP

Meeting Date 8/5/2017  Income Taxation of Trusts - Tim Mezhlumov, EA & Melissa Simmons, CPA, EA

Meeting Date 9/9/2017  Federal Employment Tax Issues - Kyle Coleman, Atty  | Tax Stuff you Think you Know - Panel

Meeting Date 10/7/2017 Cancellation of Debt Income - Bobby L Burns   |  EA Lien Presentation - Gene Moren, EA

Meeting Date 11/4/2017 Handling Texas Sales and Use Tax Audits and Appeals - Stephen Hanebutt, CPA

Meeting Date 12/2/2017 Protecting the Federal Tax System - Thomas Traxinger ASAC  | Sales Tax Exemptions - Stephen Hanebutt, CPA

Meeting Date 1/6/2018 QRP's - Tim Mezhlumov, EA  |  OIC Case Study - Ignacio (Alex) Burgos

Meeting Date 2/3/2018 Code Section 199A - Dean Saul, EA

Meeting Date 9/8/2018 Code Section 199A - Dean Saul, EA