Specialized Services


While Enrolled Agents are primarily tax professionals, many provide other services that naturally fit within the tax industry.  Some of the specialized services Enrolled Agents may provide are:  

Financial Planning - Help clients develop financial plans by determining their financial goals, priorities, and financial tools to achieve those goals. 

Notary Public- As a notary public, one can take acknowledgments, administer oaths and affirmations, take depositions, certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records; and protest instruments

Acceptance Agent- As an acceptance agent, one has the knowledge and skills to collect the correct documents from the client and file them with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number.

Representing Taxpayers in US Tax Court - By passing a special US Tax Court exam, an Enrolled Agent can be a member of the US Tax Court Bar and usually signify this by the U.S. Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP) designation.  Enrolled Agents who are USTCP can file petitions, motions, hold special conferences with the IRS attorneys and Tax Court Judges, take cases to trial, and perform many other duties in the capacity as your counsel.  An Enrolled Agent with the USTCP designation can be one of the strongest advocates you can find when you have tax disputes with the IRS.

Contact your local Enrolled Agent to see what additional services they are able to provide!