Tax Planning & Consulting


No one wants to pay more taxes than they should.  Avoiding unnecessary taxes requires planning and is critical to successfully and legally minimizing your tax liability. So tax planning does go beyond filing tax returns and involves significant client discussions and analysis to proactively recommend tax saving strategies that maximize your after-tax income.

Enrolled Agents make it a priority to maintain a mastery of the current tax law and regulations by attending tax seminars every year.

Here's just a few of the Tax Saving Strategies your local Enrolled Agent may recommend...

  • Allocating income across family members or business entities to have more income taxed in lower bracket.
  • Determine the best form of business entity from which to operate your business, minimizing taxes.
  • Moving income or expenses another have them fall where it will have the best tax advantage.
  • Deferring income into the future through certain tax exempt plans, such as pension plans, deferred compensation plans, and other similar plans.
  • Identifying when is the most tax advantageous time to sell or exercise stock options, RSU, or other employer provided compensation programs.
  • Working with your investment advisor to determine various tax saving strategies, such as if tax free investments are appropriate as well as the timing of when to buy or sell your investments.

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