IRS Representation


An Enrolled Agent is the only tax professional that is required to have specialized training in representing clients before the IRS.  You simply can't be an Enrolled Agent without passing the part of the exam on tax representation.  There are a variety of tax disputes that an Enrolled Agent can assist you with, such as:

IRS letter or notice.  The IRS rarely communicates with taxpayers in person or by phone.  Most communication is through the mail.  Not to mention, most IRS letters are not good news.  While not all IRS letters are bad, most tend to be confusing and many are adjustments to a previously filed tax return creating taxes owed.  Enrolled Agents are well trained in what each IRS notice is communicating and what to do to resolve any issue if there is one.  Don't hesitate to make an appointment with an Enrolled Agent if you receive any letter from the IRS.

IRS Audits of Tax Returns.  An Enrolled Agent is the only tax professional who is specifically trained in representing clients with tax disputes.  Not only do we know IRS procedures for auditing tax returns, we also know your rights in an audit and we work hard to protect them.  As the saying goes "Knowing is half the battle".

Unfiled Tax Returns.  Not filing tax returns for several years will create significant tax problems and tremendous stress.  Additionally, preparing returns from several years ago requires special tax skills.  Has the IRS prepared one for you already?  Do you have records or do we need to help you reconstruct records?  Do special disclosure forms need to be filed with the return?  An Enrolled Agent can assist you with getting all prior years' tax returns filed and back into compliance with the IRS.

Owe Back Taxes To The IRS.  Nothing is worse than owing back taxes to the IRS.  The IRS can file burdensome liens, garnish your wages, and even take money from your bank account.  However, and Enrolled Agent is specially trained in a variety of strategies to assist you with back taxes, such as getting a payment plan with the IRS, filing an Offer-In-Compromise to pay only a portion of the taxes owed, requesting waiver of penalties, innocent spouse requests, and many other strategies.   Contact an Enrolled Agent today to get your back tax problems under control.

Behind On Payroll Taxes.   Since more than 50% of all employment taxes paid by a business are actually taxes withheld from employees, the IRS considers unpaid payroll taxes to be one of the worst offenses by any business.  In effect, the IRS can view unpaid payroll taxes as "stealing" from your employees.  So the IRS pursues back payroll taxes owed aggressively with crippling liens and levies.  The good news is that you probably have an Enrolled Agent in your area with more than enough skills to help you resolve your back payroll taxes. 

So don't wait any longer, contact an Enrolled Agent today.