Business Entity Tax Needs


Businesses have their own set of tax laws and regulations, which are very different from individual tax laws.  Do you know whether your business tax return is due March 15th or April 15th?  The law has currently changed and reassigned the due dates of certain tax returns.  When do I file the business income return if it is not on a calendar year?  What is a capital expense compared to any other expense? 

Of course it goes without saying, each type of business, such as a partnership, C Corporation, and S Corporation all have different IRS tax forms that need to be completed in their own special way.  Not to mention, if certain forms are not completed properly, it can cause significant tax issues on the business owner's individual tax return.  So when it comes to filing a business tax return, the stress level and confusion can rise exponentially. 

An Enrolled Agent is well versed in the tax laws of corporations, partnerships, and LLC's.  Just some of the business tax services an Enrolled Agent can provide are:

1.         Review your bookkeeping systems to be sure income and expenses are reasonably reported under IRS tax laws;

2.         Work with your bookkeeping staff to make any necessary year-end tax adjustments to your bookkeeping systems;

3.         Provide advice on any tax issues or concerns that arise throughout the year;

4.         Prepare and file your business tax return, such as for partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations, and including any state business filing requirements.

5.         Assist with the closing of a business entity, both with the IRS and the state taxing agencies.

If you are in need of business tax services, contact your local Enrolled Agent for a consultation today.